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Celebrating Cult Cinema


From Buckaroo Banzai to Withnail and I.  Through Repo Man, Spinal Tap and back outside to The Room.

We quote them chapter and verse.  We dress up proudly as Toxic Avengers and the Living Dead and seek out restored versions of Plan 9 with a fervour rarely matched in other areas of film.


This course looks at the strange off-shoot of cinema – the cult film.   Often accidental, but always with buckets of love.  The cult film occupies a strange but special place in our hearts.


The course looks at the making of many classic cult films and seeks to get to the heart of what makes a true cult film.

Diversity in Drama

The last decade has seen the spotlight shone brightly on the inequalities in cinema. But how much are things really changing, and are those changes driven by commerce or a genuine will to bring about parity across all races and genders?

This course takes a close look at the racial and gender landscape of modern cinema, celebrating some of the best emerging talent, as well as some of those most important and influential filmmakers that have been battling the system for many years.

The course dares to tell it like it really is, with some uncomfortable truths. But one thing is for sure, when you have completed the course, you will never look at cinema the same again!